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July 3 - 4
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Tim Kubasek
Tim gives his audiences clean, hilarious material on marriage, kids and dating (not necessarily in that order).

Not your average comedian; quirky, intelligent and thinks 'way outside the box. A quick wit and a snappy dresser, Tim also acts, writes and is part of the improv group "Cerys and the Two Bafoons".

A multi-talented performer that you don't want to miss!
July 10 - 11
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Paul Sveen
Laughter is good medicine and Paul is surely a cure! Considered one of Canada's Best with appearances at Halifax, Winnipeg and Montreal's Comedy Festivals! He's been seen on Off the record, CBC's Home Grown, and a one hour special on Comedy Now!
July 17 - 18
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Danny Acappella
Born in an Italian manger, Danny converted to Ukrainianism after coming to Alberta in response to a government ad offering washed up disco boys from Toronto $1,700 to migrate west and mate (we used the same forms they got at the zoo). Since his arrival, Danny has taken the place by storm by inventing the board game 'Funny You Should Ask', authoring the cook book 'First You Steal A Chicken' and now through his hilarious stand up act 'You Gotta Hear This'.

Compared to the likes of Ray Romano, Danny’s material is adult in nature with little to no profanity. Topics covered include immigrants, trying to be gay, the wife and kids, and sex over 40. Throw in a little song and more conversation about sex and you’ve got the show.

Danny doesn’t pick on anyone in the audience (unless they pick on him first) and no one is ever asked to get naked. So come on out to enjoy the show, we know you’ll have a good time.
July 24 - 25
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Chris Heward
Chris Heward has hit the entertainment scene running right out of the gate! On the strength of his outstanding stage presence he has captivated and enthralled audiences across the nation. His unique style and sense of comedy has opened the door for him and allowed for a successful transition into movie and television opportunities. At that time he also began studying voice acting techniques which has now led to a prime time animated television series in the United States. Chris has also played some of the biggest clubs in Hollywood and has shared the stage with an elite level of famous comedy performers such as Dane Cook, Tim Allen, Jon Lovitz, and Mike Macdonald.

Once in every generation an entertainer comes along who defines his era and sets the gold standard for all those who follow in his footsteps and Chris Heward is that performer. Come out and catch this meteoric rising comic and join the ride!
July 31 - Aug 1
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Brian Link
So he thinks he's funny! Who cares, it's not up to him. It's up to the audience and so far they seem to agree. He's new but that doesn't mean he is not seasoned. Just means you haven't seen it yet. He's been making people laugh most of his life! Now he wants to make you laugh!

He won't be satisfied until he gets you all laughing. His humor is current, pointed and self deprecating.

You just might like it and want to see more.
August 7 - 8
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Bob Angeli
Okay... what's so funny!

He doesn't look funny; doesn't seem funny. 25 years touring across Canada. Performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Australia and England. Makes his mom laugh.

Ok then... he must be funny!!
August 28 - 29
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Marvin Krawczyk
Marvin entered a 'New Faces in Comedy' Competition & with his original style, audience friendly persona & quick wit, it will be an enjoyable journey of laffs.
September 17 - 18 - 19
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Keon Polee
Keon Polee is one of the funniest and bright young comedians coming out San Francisco's Bay Area. He has hosted and featured for a number of known headliners at established clubs across the U.S. He was the "2011 Battle of the Bay" winner, "2012 Rooster T Feathers Annual Comedy Competition" winner and "2012 Flappers Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Competition" winner.

In 2013 he was part of the Comedy Central "Up Next" talent search and landed his first movie roll "Attila" that is currently out on DVD.

Expect big things from him.
October 22 - 23 - 24
MC, Special Guest, Headliner
Myles Weber
Myles Weber’s Stand Up Comedy addiction started very early in life, performing to a live, supportive audience... the parents at his elementary school talent show.

Since that momentous talent show, Myles has been showcasing at, placing and winning comedy competitions all over the U.S. He took first place in the "Bay Area All-Star Comedy Competition" and second in the "Best Of The Bay Comedy Competition". He was featured in Comedy Central’s "Up Next Talent Search" and performed at "The World Series of Comedy" in Las Vegas.

Adaptable to any environment, Weber is a national headliner at clubs, colleges, corporate events, festivals, restaurants, bars and even once recently in a living room for six people.

True to his addiction, you can always count on Myles to make you laugh. It’s a commitment!
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