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Bryan Myers
Kevin Foxx
Jim Noble
Rapid-fire wit and a machinegun mouth are a deadly combination. Jim's mind is a comedy machine, doing a billion calculations per second, all of them strange and vaguely disturbing!! Jim keeps polishing the punch-line tools of his trade, and it shows every time he hits the stage. Whether he is on stage for six or sixty minutes, he consistently cracks up an audience, and leaves them wanting more!!the ice swan.
Andrew Carr
Since the beginning of his career, just a few short years ago, Andrew Carr has quickly made a name for himself as a very funny man with a sharp sense of humor. Associates in and outside the comedy business have found him to be very spontaneous and instantly likeable.
Andrew has played comedy clubs in Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia as well as the Northern United States. His material allows him to adapt to the taste of his audience. For this reason he has been able to play varying engagements from small town bars to formal dinner functions.
Andrew’s sense of humor and writing talents far exceed his career in comedy. He has also written, and acted in, two short films for cable television. He is, at the moment, working on his own personal film project.
You will find Andrew a pleasure to work with on and off the stage. His fun attitude reflects every aspect of his life. Unlike many athletes, Andrew does not thank the Good Lord for being here, just his agent.
His quick wit & charm has helped him become one of Canada's Funniest touring comedians. He hails from Victoria, BC.
As Bryan once said - "What a funny way to make a living"
we share.  Leave your Febreeze at home.
Paul's humour has been described as witty, a little mischievous and always first class.  His show is a collection of observational and personal stories delivered with finesse that people of all ages can relate to. His charm coupled with his clever material and ability to interact with his audience have made him a crowd favorite where ever he goes.  He will enchant you with that rare ability to not only craft clever comedy, but to express his opinions as well.  If you're looking for laughs look no further. His show is like potato chips betcha you can't watch just one.
Paul Pringle
Leif has the practiced commitment to honesty that under normal circumstances makes people extremely uncomfortable, yet, during Leif’s performance, they are too busy laughing to notice.  Stepping on stage in L.A. at the world famous Comedy Store to begin his career, Leif has since honed his natural gift for comedy traveling across the United States and Canada for the past 14 years playing auditoriums, theaters, major comedy clubs, college’s, and corporate special events. 
“I’m a star in Canada” he’ll tell you with a straight face (if you’re not from Canada), and explain that he has appeared on Canadian national television twice, on the number one rated stand-up comedy show “Club 54”.
  Leif was born in Stockholm Sweden and moved with his family to Los Angeles California at the tender age of eleven.  He speaks of that traumatic culture shock in his act.  He also speaks of the tremendous shock of getting married, having two children, and becoming middle aged, all at the same time:  “I was 40 when I got married.  I used to complain; ‘God all I do is sit around and watch TV by myself’.  Now, I’m married with two kids, and God I wish I could just sit around and watch TV by myself”.
Leif uses his sharp wit, and talent for characters
Leif Skyving
Voted 'The Coolest Comic in Canada' by The Georgia Straight. "Kevin Foxx
brings a natural, hilarious, and contrarian style to the stage that shifts
seamlessly between playful charm and soft-spoken intensity."
A husband and father of two girls, Foxx brings his unique perspective on
what it means to be a 'family man', all the while challenging societies ideas
about what is normal. Foxx describes his home life as a "power
struggle between myself, three women, and a cat."
A festival favorite, he has performed twice at the prestigious Just For Laughs
Festival, The Toyota Comedy Festival in New York, The Vancou ver Comedy
Festival, The Chicago Comedy Festival and more.
His comedy has been featured on Madly Off in All Directions, and television
appearances include: Bravo, The Comedy Network, Comedy Central, VH1,
and CBC. Enjoy the Ride!
Has been featured 2 times at the Montreal “Just for Laughs” International Comedy Festival.
Winner 2001 Edmonton “Homegrown Comic Competition”
Finalist 1997 Yuk Yuk’s search for Canada’s Funniest New Comedian.
Has performed at the Improv and World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.
Marty McLean
Roger Chandler
Roger Chandler has opened for Jerry Seinfield, Howie Mandel, and the Nylons. His act features a combination of sight gags, one-liners, and jokes with a smooth familiarity. The Vancouver SUN said: “Intelligent, redeeming social value, but mostly, good fun.”