Sean Baptiste

You're the star! Let Comedy Hypnotist Sean Baptiste take you on a journey of the mind, as the laughter is non-stop. Watch as he takes willing volunteers from the audience and guides them through mind bending and side splitting comedy scenarios through the power of suggestion.

Sean Baptiste has dedicated years of training to mastering the hypnotic arts as well as over a decade of his life to mastering the comedic arts, performing as a stand-up comedian and comedy magician. He has also appeared on various radio and TV shows throughout the country.

Now he has combined all those skills and more into a brand new unique and extremely funny comedy hypnosis show.

Anton the Hypnotist

Anton is originally from Poland and entertaining with his Hypnosis shows since 2003.

Anton offers club and corporate shows and was trained at the HTI Hypnotism School.

Marilyn Olsen Hypnotist

Marilyn Wheatley-Olsen was born and raised in rural southern Alberta and is proud of her “western” heritage. Her interest in hypnosis came after attending a stage hypnosis show performed by her now good friend “Attila, Worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist”. Attila, also a Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist confirmed to Marilyn that if hypnosis can be used for fun it can also be very beneficial to help people. Much eye opening and intensive training ensued in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, to her being awarded the designation of Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; certified by both the Hypnosis Training Institute of Alberta and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

"Awesome, fabulous, wonderful and hilarious, those were just a few of the complimentary words echoing throughout the crowd in Medicine Hat."

....and thanks for the entertainment the other night...that was a great way to "come down" from the sale stress. It was great.

-- Connie Delorme
Sept. 22. 2002

Sebastian Steel

Hypnosis is the most unique form of entertainment around. With some stand up comedy and improv acting, you will truly discover what the Sebastian steel show is all about!

Sebastian has been performing in the entertainment industry for seventeen years. He has been trained in improv acting, television, radio, stage, and stand up comedy. Sebastian's hypnosis show has been rated one of the top three acts in Western Canada, and been the consistent act at Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club every week for three years. He now has the longest running show in North America. With Sebastian Steel's background you can guarantee a night of non-stop laughter.

When booking an entertainment act it is common to wonder what exactly will be expected. Sebastian has over 13 shows with 26 hours of suggestions, so you know you will experience a new and exciting show each time. Sebastian's shows are made to reflect any type of audience for any type of occasion. The best part about booking the Sebastian Steel Hypnosis Show is the prices are negotiable within your budget.

Sebastian appeared on the Terry Evans Show with a segment that was so entertaining the network repeated his show on, "The Best of Terry Evans". The segment was later voted by viewers as the best segment to have ever viewed on that program. This tribute to Sebastian Steel reflects the kind of performer he has become. Performing Hypnosis shows since 1997.

Enter the world of hypnosis and see the act that keeps people coming back for more!

Johanna Lane

Johanna is a professional hypnotist who performs for schools, associations, corporations, theatre and restaurants to packed audiences throughout Western Canada. During her shows they laugh uproariously at “James Bond” and the Amazing Dance Troupe along with many other “guest” appearances.

Johanna treats her audiences with dignity and style during her “G” rated performances. Everyone leaves with outstanding memories of their unique experiences.

Hypnotist Colin Christopher
"The Max Power Experience"

Colin has been entertaining audiences of all ages around the world for over a decade, spinning his magic in dynamic ways, from Cruise Ships to Corporate Parties, Improvisational Theatre to Fundraisers, and Schools to Birthday Parties.  Colin has combined his love of Energizing and Entertaining people of all ages with his knowledge of Hypnosis. He has been formally trained by the HTI Hypnotism School and also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist to perform Powerful and Exciting shows!

He delivers an unforgettable event that will keep you laughing for days after the show is finished!!

Wayne Lee

He's brilliantly funny, has set a new standard for entertainment, and guarantees a performance you won't forget! Wayne Lee's talent, youthful good looks, and dazzling stage presence are a recipe for laughter that thousands have feasted on over the years. He's played nightclubs, corporate functions, schools, fund-raisers, and fairs, including the world renowned Calgary Stampede. No matter the audience, the results are the same... a delectable serving of side-splitting laughter you'll want to sample again and again!